MASS Store Closures Escalates In 2019! Retail Stocks Plummet!

Store closures are continuing throughout 2019. Companies are being wiped out and industries are changing. Ultimately the goal is to replace humans with automated processes. This has been mentioned by just about every big business leader and has been implemented by many companies at some level. From manufacturing to finance. Do you think stores are closing because the economy is weak or because the economy is strong and businesses are just not able to cope with change? Or is it both?

All across America there has been a persistent trend. Stores are closing. It started with department stores. Locations were massive and real estate was becoming more expensive. The trend has continued to spread rapidly over the last few years. Thousands of stores are closing per year. Factories are closing too. In the end, they’re not intending on hiring again. The intention is to automate the businesses as much as possible. Replace humans and make way for the robots.


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