The Nightmare Will Never End: Britain Enters Extreme Lockdown in Response to New Covid Strain!

By Chris Black

Do you remember how people were telling you that the nightmare will end as soon as Joe Biden enters the White House? The same people who sold you the vaccine theory, as in now that we have a vaccine for Covid-19 (multiple vaccines that is, and you will be forced to take it, whether you like it or not), everything will return to normal?

Well, I never said that actually: The New Covid-19 Strain Theory Will Offer Joe Biden the Perfect Pretext for New Massive Lockdown.

And what do you know:


Boris Johnson is expected to announce a set of new national restrictions for England, similar to the March lockdown, in a televised address at 20:00 GMT.

The PM is likely to urge the public to follow the new rules from midnight.

It is expected people will be told to work from home if possible and schools will close for most pupils.

It is not yet clear when the measures will be reviewed, but MPs are likely to be given a vote to approve them retrospectively on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the UK’s chief medical officers warned of a “material risk of healthcare services being overwhelmed” in several areas over the next 21 days.

Scotland announced a legal requirement to stay at home from midnight, with schools to be closed.

Mr Johnson will set out plans for England as the UK’s devolved nations have the power to set their own coronavirus regulations.

Both Wales and Northern Ireland are already under national restrictions.

I hope this is already clear for my readers: even if Covid-19 is a normal flu virus, the rulers don’t actually care about the health of the peasantry, and it’s obvious that lockdowns (a prison term) are part of a larger agenda. The end goal is to destroy the middle class and polarize society in rich and poor (third world basically, or neo-feudalism), while a massive wealth transfer from the middle class to the financial elite takes place. 

Meanwhile, you will lose all your freedoms. I find it shocking that at this point, the vast majority of people I know are having a hard time figuring it out, i.e. the notion that there is someone behind the “throne” pushing a secret agenda which is very different from the stated goals of our so-called elected officials.

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And don’t forget: this is just getting started. If usurper Joe Biden will enter office on January 20th, the British model will be used in the US, in order to destroy what’s left of any small business. It’s basically “it’s 2030 and you don’t own nothing” thing from the World Economic Forum article. Speaking of memeing things into real life, this is as good as it gets.

The big question is: how come they are all in on it?

Twenty-two years ago, in college I made the claim in a “fictional” paper in ethics class, that the very top of the global elite kidnap children for rape and murder, ritualistic sacrifice, and blackmail. I had put everything together a long time ago.

Once a person climbs to a certain level, they are brought to a club under the auspices of meeting with important clients. The club is a black site where the person is forced at gunpoint to rape a child. If you refuse, they show you a video of an assassin outside the home of your family. If you still refuse, well you committed suicide. Your transgression is videotaped, and will be edited to make it look like it was an undercover sting. Child stuff will be uploaded onto your computers and the backstory will be made to ruin you. We all know what happens to those kinds of people in prison.

The elite know that the drive to survive will override almost anyone’s ethical beliefs. The elite also have no morality or conscience. Absolute power and control are their only drive.

The paper was supposed to be about an absolute test of a person’s ethics.

Then of course in the 2000’s we got the supposedly fictional films of the Taken Series. It is all true.


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