The Upcoming Anti-YouTube Video Hosting Site (Real.Video) is From MIKE ADAMS of NaturalNews – it is LEGITIMATE

The Answer to YouTube has arrived…=Real.Video COMING SOON: THE ANSWER TO YOUTUBE CENSORSHIP OF FREE SPEECH A pro-liberty video community covering health freedom, food freedom, preparedness, politics, self-reliance and more. Confirmed partners already too many to mention… channels being reserved … Read more

UPCOMING ELECTIONS: Arkansas, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, AND MORE

by thunderbert80 Upcoming elections to watch out for are: 03/06 Massachusetts State Senate District Third Essex, Special general 03/06 Massachusetts House of Representatives Second Bristol District, Special primary 03/06 Oklahoma House of Representatives District 51, Special general 03/06 Texas, Primary 03/06 Texas county, Municipal primary 03/06 Pittsburgh, PA, Municipal special general 03/13 Arkansas State … Read more

Civil War Approaching: In Preparation For The Upcoming Police-state, More Steps Towards Martial Law, And More Draconian Plans And Laws In Place For Staged, Planned, And Funded Civil Unrest Nationwide.

RED ALERT!! While Mainstream Media continues to distract your head with more unnecessary propaganda, and while your Government continues to discombobulate your head with fluoridated water and GMOs in your food, your military have concocted a plan with your local … Read more