40 Feds Raid Home of MAGA Guy, Hold 11-Year-Old Girl at Gunpoint

by Chris Black

Wake up and smell the freedom:


Daily Mail:

A team of 40 FBI agents held an 11 year-old at gunpoint while raiding her family’s Georgia home during a probe into the US Capitol riots, it was claimed. 

The agents – who arrived in four armored vehicles – descended on the property about five miles north of Covington in Newton County on August 10, the girl’s father Donnie Hyatt told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

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Hyatt and his wife are said to have links to a far-right militia leader called Chris Hill, and attended the January 6 ‘Stop the Steal’ rally in Washington DC. They insist they did not join in the subsequent storming of the Capitol building.  


We are told we are living in a free country. Then, why send the storm troopers with armored cars to terrorize a family, instead of asking the guy to report to the local field office? If he does not show up, you can send the sheriff to go get him. 

Instead, they do an Osama bin Laden style assault on his family home? This is pure state sponsored terrorism against white people, it never happened before and it’s not normal.

As we already told you, the “storming” of the Capitol building was entirely an FBI operation.

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