The Great Purge of Civil Liberties Has Begun

By Chris Black

Next week, the inevitable will happen: the EU will adopt the vaccination passport. Basically, the world will enter the second phase of the Covid dictatorship: the great purge. 

On Wednesday, March 17, Ursula von der Leyen presented the details of what will probably be called the “Digital Green Certificate”. It is to be approved at the EU summit on March 25-26 in Brussels.

European leaders are wary of the word “passport”. It would mean acknowledging the failure of the EU, whose main feat was once free movement of the people within the EU zone without a passport.

This is why they tried to find a name that was as neutral as possible; the Digital Green Certificate is presented to us as aiming to “facilitate freedom of movement”.

That’s patently false and basically newspeak coming from an unelected bureaucrat (like Fauci)! The DGC regulates freedom of movement, full stop.

 As in, no jab, no freedom of movement.

Because too small a part of the European population will have time to get vaccinated until June, when the Passport will enter into force, as an alternative to the vaccine, the test will be – for the time being – accepted.

In reality, it is a false alternative, aiming to create the impression that vaccination is not mandatory.

The vaccine is free of charge and is valid for at least 6 months. A test is valid for 24-48 hours and costs 50-75 euros (almost $100), and a person will probably need two negative/valid tests to be able to travel: one when leaving the country and another when returning.

It is not difficult to guess the option of most who will want to travel.

With the Vaccination Passport, no matter what it is called, we enter the second phase of Operation COVID.

Phase I consisted of crushing the population with draconian restrictions and imposing a police regime, unimaginable a year ago in a world that called itself “Free”.

Rights and freedoms disappeared overnight. Mankind suddenly woke up to a medical dictatorship. In reality, it is a political dictatorship hidden under a white robe.

The white robe is the best disguise for this global cabal. Who dares to get in the way of the noble goal of public health? 

Politicians took a step back and allowed Bill Gates and his minions “experts” from WHO to rule the world via dictate/edict. 

Exactly one year after we were locked in our houses and forced to wear masks all the time, here comes hope: you can fly, baby, fly, with one condition: get the jab

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You see what they did there? You must get the vaccine not for your health, but for “freedom”. 

Phase II of Operation COVID begins with the conditioning of a fundamental right – freedom of movement – by a medical act.

Nobody has critical thinking anymore. 

As in, vaccinated people are contagious and can infect others, or so we’re told by “the experts”. If so, what does the Digital Green Certificate actually certify?

Strangely, for a year now, since the beginning of the pandemic, we have been spinning around the vaccine like a moth around a light bulb. There is nothing else.

Equally bizarre, after the pandemic broke out, when the genome of the virus was not even known, a lot of companies and laboratories rushed to announce that they were working on an anti-COVID vaccine.

As big as Big Pharma is, no company has announced that it is working on a treatment.

This, given that the research to create a vaccine is much more expensive, longer and more difficult than a treatment.

Until COVID-19, no vaccine was developed in less than a few years. And until COVID-19, no one was able to create an effective vaccine against coronaviruses. Whether they are called SARS, MERS or HIV.

Isn’t it strange this overflowing optimism of betting everything on a vaccine that seemed utopian, and nothing on a much more affordable treatment? And all the governments rushed to advance Big Pharma companies huge amounts of money for experimental vaccines, mind you, but no one was interesting in finding a treatment?

The vaccine has a triple essential function:

  1. to impose obedience;
  2. verification and control;
  3. sorting out “believers” in the NWO narrative from non-believers (terrorists basically)

The vaccine will be in the future what the Dossier in Communism was: an ideological alter ego, i.e.  Proof of adherence to the New World Order.

We were told we were at war. They were right.

 So far, it has been Phase I: Invasion and Occupation.

Phase II follows: Consolidation of power through the Purging of the Masses.

(to be continued)


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