Michael Pento: Epic Stock Market & Fixed Income Bubble Will Not End Well; Bitcoin Spikes; More Investors Sell Bitcoin for Gold/Silver

by moneymetals s3.amazonaws.com/ILB_MS_BUCKET/ILB-171208-WeeklyMarketWrap.mp3  DOWNLOAD MP3 Don’t want to listen? Read the podcast below! Welcome to this week’s Market Wrap Podcast, I’m Mike Gleason. Coming up we’ll hear a truly explosive interview … Read more

Trump's tax plan: 1) no income taxes < 25k/50k(1+1), 2) all businesses taxed no more than 15% on income (no higher income tax rates), 3) 10% repatriation fee for inverted corporations, 4) end of corporate loopholes, 5) no death tax, 6) no > than 25%

by 911bodysnatchers322   All these crazy people in California are railing against Trump thinking he’s a draconian monster when in fact this may be a better deal than even Bernie … Read more